Venezuela’s president urges women to have six children each ‘for good of the country’

Nicolás Maduro’s comment sparked outrage amid a deepening economic crisis that’s led to rising rates of child malnutrition

Millions of Venezuelans may have fled their country to escape a grinding socio-economic crisis, but the country’s embattled president has a novel solution: have more children.

“Give birth!” Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan president, said at a televised event promoting a women’s healthcare plan on Tuesday evening. “Every woman is to have six children! Every one! For the good of the country!

#3Mar Nicolás Maduro invitó a las venezolanas “a parir. Todas las mujeres a tener 6 hijos para que crezca la patria”. #TVV #TVVNoticias Vídeo: Cortesía.

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